Mobile Forensics

What is Mobile Forensics?

Mobile forensics is a scientific methodology used for investigating the evidence of a crime or accident on a suspect's mobile device including smartphones and smart watches. More than 75% of digital evidence is from mobile devices, so mobile forensics is key to successful investigation of crimes in today's digital world.

Why Cyber Complaints for mobile forensics?

There are diverse mobile phone manufacturers as well as OS platforms. There is also a huge number of apps and private data on mobile phones. Some of the data may even be encrypted. We have been in the security business from long time and are best equipped to handle a mobile forensic investigation.

Our Mobile Foren
  • Supports all kinds of extraction methods
  • Memory chip, memory card and USIM
  • Extraction of selected partion
  • 1GB / min performance
  • Data Analysis
  • Parsing and recovery of various file systems
  • FAT12 / 16 / 31, exFAT, NTFS, EXT3 / 4, HFS+, EFS,YAFS, FSR, XSR
  • Decrypting encrypted data
  • Data Viewers - DB, Hex, Plist, Text, Multimedia
  • Data visualization - social relations, timeline, maps
  • Screen unlock / bypass / reset - Pattern, PIN, password
  • Advanced filtering
  • Mobile Forensic Service
  • One-stop mobile forensic service
  • Evidence inspection, extraction, analysis and recovery
  • Reporting on case investigation
  • Consultation with professional forensic analyst